Ontario Used Car Dealership Represents Residual Value Award Winner

Acura has been honored with the ALG Luxury Brand Residual Award during 11th Annual Residual Value Awards for 2009.

ALG publishes the “Automotive Lease Guide” which has forecast automotive residual values for over 40 years. This year’s Residual Value awards honor 2010 vehicles in each segment that are predicted to retain the highest percentage of their original price after a conventional three-year period.

Choosing a vehicle with high residual value has been a top concern for Ontario consumers. The Acura brand was chosen after careful study of segment competition, historical vehicle performance, and industry trends.

“Acura has taken a different track than most luxury brands, and its decision to stick with front-whell drive platforms and smaller engines has served it well in the current uncertain times,” said James Clark, General Manager of ALG.

Acura Wins Luxury Brand Residual Award

Acura was presented with the Luxury Brand Residual Value Award by ALG for the second consecutive year, and is available through Ontario Used Car dealer at Wilson’s.

“Acura’s outstanding reliability, simple packaging schemes and value pricing with low incentive levels were major factors in its repeat finish at the top of the luxury market this year, ” said Clark.

Guelph drivers can rely on Wilson’s for an Ontario used car that provides a luxurious driving experience without taking a toll on their wallets.

“We continue to believe that residual value is the best metric for evaluating the overall strength of an automotive brand,” said Clark.

A Proven Winner For Used Car Drivers

For more information on Acura, contact Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars at 519-836-2900 and find out why Acura continues to be a winner in the automotive industry.

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